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Leach: Physician Assisted Suicide

This is the transcript of a seminar Jerry gave at an Exodus conference (this one?). It's the same old, same old, until this gem!

Often, I have mistakenly believed myself capable enough to endure any of my former transsexual temptations, which has never been verified by my flawless track record. Such erroneous and pride-filled thinking has placed me repeatedly in the open for an onslaught of old addictive patterns accompanying the stressors of many adverse life happenings; and in my attempts to once again gain some emotional homeostasis, I found myself constantly lapsing into another and all-too-familiar means of escape and comfort; once more embracing the “false-feminine experience.” 

Finally, Jerry confesses his behavior still fails at time, demonstrating he has not healed. It was for this reason, if not this very seminar, that Exodus told Jerry to leave them. If the above wasn't enough, Jerry embarrassed Exodus-friend Josef Nicolosi.

In a recent personal interview with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, I asked him, “What is the success rate you have had with Reparative Therapy for the transsexual?” His answer? None!