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In the past, Jerry's site has had over a hundred articles hosted but now has only a couple. For the most part, I presume these are missing for purely technological reasons; many pages are on his site but missing any inbound links.  Read my Information on Re-publishing. In Leach doesn't do well with keeping on topic. Most of his writings are stream of consciousness that blur between any of his ideas. Fortunately he doesn't have many ideas, so it's easy to keep up with.

Hiding Info

I received an email from the webmaster of Jerry's site asking me to remove his articles, invoking Jerry's legal copyright. I kept my word and removed the full text of his articles. I have kept the most important quotes from some articles which are available below.  I have retained a personal copy which I may share upon request. You can read about our interaction on Reality Resources Copyright.

Site version 1

October 2000 - June 2003

Homosexuality and Transsexuality Compared - Leach makes a typical misconception, believing gays and trans people are, in essence the same. See Objection: Transexuality Is Homosexuality

Transvestism, A Prelude to Transsexuality - Another common misconception, believing fetishism, cross dressing, and transexualism are all the same

Reality Check 2: Boys will Be Boys - Asserts that all transwomen will always be men at heart

Reality Check 3: Our Friend, the Enemy 

Reality Check 4-6: A Matter of Survival (PDF)

Reality Check 7: Our Guiding Light

Reality Check 8: The Master's Bait - Trans people are controlled by the devil

Reality Check 9: Playing the Fool - Variously ways trans people are foolish

Reality Check 10: The Healer Within - More stream of consciousness

Site version 2

July 2003 - March 2005. 

Credentials - Jerry used to claim he had a doctorate, but then mysteriously stopped.

Post Operative Story - Jerry takes the liberty to re-write Josef Kirchner's letter

Things in Common among Transsexuals - Performed interviews with 80 FtMs and aggregated what they had in common. I don't trust him to accurately represent the interviews (he neglects to say whether the commonality is general or in every single one) but I do trust this list to show what kind of people go to him for counseling, notably: were married and married to Christian women, had exorcisms performed on them, all in the military, homophobic, 45 and older, does not believe God loves them, fetishism, and does not belive gender identity is caused by biology. These are certainly the kind of cross dressers (and they are all fetishistic cross dressers, not transexuals) I would expect to seek reparative therapy. This shows that Leach's perspective and experience are quite skewed to an extremely narrow sampling of trans people.

Site version 3

AKA, "the huge site" containing over a hundred articles. July 2005 - April 2007. All pages copied October 21, 2006.

Client Information - background information Leach gave his potential clients

Introduction - Some history and organization information about Jerry and Charlene

Physician Assisted Suicide - Jerry admits he is still cross dressing.

Freedom Fighters - Jerry confesses in clear terms that he has not healed. 

Two Sides of the Coin - Jerry and Charlene talk together about their relationship

Sex Change Surgery Sanction - Jerry's letter of SRS recommendation to his surgeon. Probably the most important document on his site. Upon comparing what the author writes about Jerry versus what he says about himself during the same time, I found Jerry's web of lies unbelievable.  Ironically, Jerry posted the letter to prove to others that he was a real transexual but he does the opposite. If he were really a transexual and not a cross dresser, he would not need to lie. His bad diagnosis of transexualism isn't because of transexualism, it is because of him. He also reveals his self-castration here.

Reflections on Surgery - Jerry explains some of the lies of the previous article. He also articulates his doctors' trust in him as irresponsible, feeling they should have made sure he wasn't lying. The tone is intriguing; out of context you would think Leach has nothing against SRS, only that the validation isn't strict enough.

Transsexual Regret Letters - Jerry lies about how he prints information on his site.

Benjamin's Standards of Care - I thought it interesting that Mark, and Leach elsewhere shares the same feeling, blames psychologists for the problems of clients who lie.  If you seek counsel and give false information, you cannot expect to receive accurate conclusions. Therapists are in place to help people, but they must be willing to help themselves. The role of therapists is not to police us. It's like shoplifting but blaming the store have having low security.

A Wife's Letter of Thanks - Jerry and Charlene encourage a woman to divorce her spouse. She does and thanks them. I don't trust anything from Leach, but if this spouse is portrayed accurately, maybe the action was justified. 

Steps Towards Healing - This is the most detail I have seen of how someone becomes cisgender

Boys in Bras - Railing against doctors and Jerry's first meeting with a post-op transwoman

Transsexual's Nightmares - Two alleged TS regrets. I doubt "Janet" because the page said she modeled for Playboy. Caroline Cossey is the only trans model to pose in Playboy and Cossey is currently a TS activist. Other biographical details don't match Cossey, though Jerry has her age correct. Cossey is also XXXY.

Leach debate part 2 - Part 2 of 3 articles debating the whether Leach's reparative therapy can cure transgenderism

Intersexed or Transsexual or What? Various writings related to intersex including an intersex person who transitions successfully and Leach, apparently, is okay with. Mainly focuses on how intersex and transexuality are different.

SRS: So Ridiculously Simple - A client of Jerry looks suspiciously like Jerry himself

Pastoral Oversight of those struggling with Transsexuality - Jerry found the most embarrassing trans person and parades him around

Intersex Disclaimer - Jerry distances himself from intersex people. Josef Kirchner, apparently, didn't count.

Ongoing Correspondence - Emails sent to Leach and his responses. 

Leach also includes many stories of people who regret surgery. Some of these stories were published in newspapers which Leach reprints including Sandra MacDougall, Charles Kane, Danielle Berry, and Renee Richards. (Actually, Richards did not regret her decisions.) Lynn Conway identifies that all these were all cross dressers and not "true" transexuals, many fetishists and autogynephiles. Had they been careful, they could have predicted their bad outcome. 

Site version 4

Basically the same as 3 both with most of the articles missing.

I Hate Being a Man - Jerry discusses how tortured his genitals. He gives himself pseudonyms, "Sylvia" and "Ed" (from "Edward," his middle name?).

Transsexual Fighters Q & A

Site version 5

Jerry now has a grand total of 2 pages on his current site. Who knows why his articles were  gone. In March, 2009 he added a few more. In June, 2009 the site was shutdown. 2008 - March 2009. See Correspondence: Reality Resources Ends.


While Jerry doesn't want me to post his articles, he doesn't mind re-publishing by websites that share his opinions. If any of them catch him lying, they'll cover up for him.

Deliverance from Evil Spirits - Jerry has a vision that frees him from demons

Married to a Former Transgender [sic] - Charlene defends Reality Resources

Transsexual Lie

Help4Fighters -


Articles hosted by Help4Families by Denise Shick

Gender Variance -

Caregivers - Three articles by Jerry and Charlene

Church Response to Transsexuality - For some reason, Denise again gives Jerry the pseudonym of "Jay."


These are articles copied from other authors, posted on his site.

Surgical Sex - Paul McHugh writes this well-circulated essay on why he wanted to shut down the SRS clinic at John Hopkins. Thiis site includes both the original essay and a critical response.

Laws Prohibit 'transgender' Discrimination - WorldNetDaily interviews Jerry and somehow, this has something to do with non-discrimination ordinances. 

Torment of a Sex Change Soldier

Former Transgender - The testimony of Darrell Thompson

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