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Information on Re-publishing

A number of pages on this site are information republished from other online sources because the original sources are no longer available. Most of the unavailability comes because a website changes its layout and some pages are either lost by mistake during the transition or (I can only guess) are re-examined and not considered important, relevant, or accurate enough for re-publication.  Public discourse on transgenderism and Christianity is already so extremely lacking that it is worth maintaining the rare examples so I'm republishing what I can.  In every case so far, the republications are pro-binary whereas I am trans affirming, demonstrating my purpose is not to push my own beliefs but give voice to the other side, even putting in more effort than they do. 

I am doing this in good faith without permission. If at any time the person holding the copyright to any re-publication wishes I remove the work, they may contact me and I will promptly comply as I have in the past.

This practice is entirely legal with precedent created by Google and the Internet Archive.