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In June, 2009, New Hope Outreach and Transgender International Fellowship removed their websites without explanation. They also disabled search engines from indexing the sites. For posterity sake, here is a partial, manual archive of New Hope's contents. If Danny Blackwell (or whomever owns the copyright) wishes these archives to be removed, I will do so. See Information on Re-publishing.

Putting Some of the Pieces Together - By Danny. Details stereotypes of transexuals. There is no support for these ideas. They almost surely come from Jerry Leach's stereotypes.

Hope in a Transgendered Borderland - By Danny

TGIF: Practical Steps to Breaking Down Walls - By Danny

TGIF's email was


TGIF reproduced the articles of others, still available on other sites.

Darrell: Story - Testimony of an ex-trans woman and currently hosted by

Archive: No More Dresses and Rollers - Written by Danny and currently hosted by

Jerry Leach

Written by Jerry Leach & Reality Resources

Jenny's Journey - aka, Jenny or Jerry? Written by Jerry Leach and currently hosted by First Stone

Pastoral Oversight of those Dealing with Transgender Issues

Venus Envy


Written by whomever. Hosted by Keith Tiller & Parakaleo

Walking in the Truth - Testimony of a ex-transman

There was Another Woman in My Marriage - Story of a transgender spouse. Hosted by Parakaleo.

Sam's Story - Story of a struggling bigender person. Hosted by Parakaleo.

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