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Misc Links

Some noteworthy links that don't fit anywhere yet. Individual pages that are potentially valuable.

Trans affirming

The Nature of Gender: Gender Identity in those who Are Intersexed or Transgendered - A good, mid-level article from the Journal of Psychology and Theology presenting a general treatment of ethics based on compassion and Scripture

Transsexualism and the Church

Some Reflections on why Transgenderism Is a Gift of the Holy Spirit

Christian Right and Trans

Transsexuality and Christian Etihcs: some working notes - Examines pro-binary literature with a couple good insights



The Gospel According to Oprah

http://www.cbmw.org/Resources/Articles/Androgyny - An intelligent, detailed essay, support that humanity's archetype is not androgynous

Transexualism: Mind Over Matter - Ironically titled, classic Christian condemnation of transgenderism.

The Biblical Ethics of Transsexual Operations - After meeting one former transman, the author believes he's an expert on transgenderism.

FourSecondMinistries - An ebook on a person repressing their gender

In between

A question of Ethics: Transexualism - Short, Christian essay. Concludes transexual behavior should follow the individual and counselor's recommendation but cross dressing is sinful.


Old sites

Sites that are inactive for the past 12 months.

Ex Transgenders - A MySpace group related to respressing transgenderism. Rarely updated

Transgendered Eastern Orthodox Christians - Yahoo group

Transcriptions - Sarah goes soul searching and documents his journey on this site. One of my favorite sites because it's brutally honest and the author humbly looks at both sides. She delayed transitioning but later started.

BeyondGID - A couple blog entries on repressing transgenderism.

Transitions - An ex-transwoman writing a book on his experience. 

Hope4Wives - Yahoo group of Charlene Leach. Replaced by Lead On Lord when it overrun by trans people.

Tea Jay - A person trying to resist their transgender feelings

Carol's Planet - Christian transwoman's personal site

Religious but non-Christian trans sites

TGI Mormons - Pro-trans Mormon Yahoo group

TransTorah - Pro-trans Jewish site

TransSpirituality.com Transgender Spirituality in World Faiths - Interfaith

Transgender Religion Global Network - Transgender Friendly Religious Alliance is a network for transgender friendly religious workers of all faith who support religious transgender people all around the world.