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These are all sites or portions of sites that deal with both Christianity and transgenderism. I'm proud to say this is the largest collection of links and the only to include both affirming and condemning sites. As such, I don't endorse every site. If you know of more, please tell me. This site is filled with other links, see especially Stories.

Informational sites

Sites with various articles on transgenderism and Christianity

TransFaithOnline - The best site on transgenderism and Christianity! Yes, better than this one. Includes tons of topics and resources

Francie's Place - Dr Carol Francie Miazzo

Gender Tree

Intersex Support Group International - "ISGI provides information and support for genetic intersex person and their families from a Christian viewpoint."

Dr. Becky Allison

The Writings of Caryn Lemur

Christianity and Gender Identity Disorder - Dr. Jen Burnett

LGBT Resource Clearinghouse

Transsexualism and Eastern Christian Thought - A transexual describes her place in Eastern Orthodoxy 

TransEpiscopal - A group of transgender Episcopalians and our significant others, families, friends and allies dedicated to enriching our spiritual lives and to making the Episcopal Church a welcoming and empowering place that all of us truly can call our spiritual home.


There are several church-based support groups in Chicago. Contact me for details.

Sibyls - "The Sibyls is a UK-based confidential Christian spirituality group for transgender people, and their supporters, offering companionship along the journey, and information/advocacy to churches."

Gender People - This is a small New York City group embracing trans people into the Church

For a group in South Africa, contact Christina Engela at Truth Wins Out.

Online communities

LiveJournal entries - collection of blogs of transgender Christians

Laura's Playground Christian forum

Beyond GID - Christians trying to repress their transgender instincts

Yahoo Groups

TG Christians - Big, general group for trans Christians

TG Christians Unmoderated - Sister group to the above

Emergence - Focusing on Christian transexuals

Transgender Christians in India

Families with GID - A generic mailing list for those with a transgender family member moderated by Denise Shick

Lead On Lord - Women who condemn their transgender spouses, begun by Charlene Leach

Life Line for Mom - For unaccepting moms with a transgender child

Gender defender websites

Gender defenders believe all males should act like men and females like women and that no one exists outside this binary. For a complete listing, see the Ex-trans  page.

Help4Families - Public speaking about people with trans family members. See my analysis of Help4Families deceptions

Parakaleo - A pseudo organization repeating the false promise that transgender can become cisgender. See my analysis of Parakaleo.

Personal sites of transgender Christians

The following sites include resources. For other websites of trans Christians, see People.

Anna's Place - Blog, photos, and articles


View from (Ab)Normal Heights - the prolific Autumn Sandeen

Ephilei - me

Yuki's Box of Chocolates - Yuki Chloe

Seasons of Mist - Jen, formerly Sarah, documents her life, especially her process transitioning.

Chrysalis MIssion

Transhomilitic - Megan Foote


TransEpiscopal  - Trans issues from the perspective of a couple Episcopal leaders

A Musing - Peterson Toscano identifies as genderqueer but not transgender

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