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Correspondence: XY/XO/Xtian

posted Jun 6, 2009, 12:30 PM by J Baker-Johnson
May 13, 2009

I answer correspondence for xyxo.org.  I'm a Christian. Don't consider myself TG although I've got the dubious honor of having been a patient of [...] and [...].  Don't search the web often... Thx.


Nice to hear from you. Are you XYXO?  If so, how do you feel about your gender? The only other person I've met who's XYXO and does consider himself trans. Why do you feel differently?


Hi Ephilei

I'm xy/xo.  I fit the profile well in that I was tiny as a child, have heart and kidney malformations, ovatestes, etc.  They offered me testosterone and anabolic steroids.  But they said it wouldn't fix my spatial coordination issues (another xy/xo trait).  I wanted to be either male or female.  Strength with agility might have interested me; bulk and hair didn't.  I had grown accustomed to a feminine build, voice, etc.  Losing my small size (I'm 5'6") was bad enough; I didn't want to lose the rest of me.  There were other issues but that's the short answer.

I know quite a few IS folks who have transitioned.  I know a few TS folks.  The reasons are generally different.

Kind regards... XY/XO/Xtian

Hi XY/XO/Xtian

I'm familiar with the trans community but most of my knowledge about intersex comes from people who are both IS and TG. What is it you mean by IS folks transitioning? Do you mean they went from living as women to men or vice versa?

The one XY/XO person I know has strong male characteristics. His IS diagnosis didn't come until his 40s and he still lives as a regular man. Well, regular compared to most trans people. He thinks of himself as trans because (in his words) he is both male and female. I know I am biased because I am genderqueer and think of myself as both female and male even with a standard karyotype, but this seems like the most reasonable paradigm from my POV.

So I'm curious to hear from someone with a different opinion. Do you see the "transgender" category as something just for cissexual people? Or do only people who radically change their gender presentation count as transgender to you? How would you define "transgender" from your experience and set of beliefs?