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Correspondence: Reality Resources Ends

posted Jun 23, 2009, 8:37 PM by J Baker-Johnson   [ updated Jun 23, 2009, 8:53 PM ]

Writing Reality Resources Ends involved a lot of investigating and I wanted the article fact checked. I wrote an email to Jerry Leach, Denise Shick, Danny Blackwell, Daniel Burton (Danny's replacement), and a confidential member of Jerry's family.

I'm writing an article for exgaywatch.com and my own site on the recent retirement of Jerry. Because this will get a lot of attention, I want you to be able to check it over for mistakes. I also want to know if you can clear up the confusion I present.  Including: when did Jerry stop working? How much does the dementia keep him from functioning?

[Confidential] - I'd like your permission to identify you as "[...]" If not, I'll refer to you as "an immediate family member." May I include the dementia, or is that too personal? I can change it to a vague, "mental illness."

And to Denise,

I'm writing up an article for exgaywatch.com on Jerry's retirement. I want to give you the opportunity to do some fact-checking to make sure I'm not coming down to hard on you. I've attached the rough draft. If I don't hear back from you by at least Wed like you haven't responded to my last email or call, I'll take that to mean you have nothing to add.

Also, I'm guessing you both know why TG Int Fellowship closed since H4F was so quick to stop associating with it. I'm waiting on Danny to get back to me but I wouldn't mind hearing your side of the story too.

And similar to others. I also left a voicemail with each (none answered). Only Jerry's family member responded; they were furious that I used their information thinking that corresponding with a website devoted to exposing Jerry would private but did not criticize the accuracy of anything I wrote.