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Correspondence: Reality Resources Copyright

posted Jun 9, 2009, 4:56 PM by J Baker-Johnson

I bend the limits of copyright on this site - deliberately, legally, and openly.  Copyright often interferes with education and my goal is spreading information.  None of my own writing is copyrighted because I want to spread it.  I link profusely to other websites, including ideas I disagree with. I believe more information can only be good for making decisions and forming opinions. When useful information online expires, I have archived it on this site as I explain on this page:

Information on Re-publishing

I eventually caught someone's eye and Jerry's webmaster, Stacy, sent me this message.

Stacy Thompson

I am writing you as the owner of this website. I am the web master of www.realityresources.com, and I must insist that although your opinions of Jerry Leach may be kept, ALL materials, pictures, testimonials, and articles and so on, which appeared and are copyrighted by Reality Resources (including links) be removed from your website. You have stated that you would do so on your "Information on Re publish" page.

Please respond to me as soon as possible and let me know your intentions.

Thank you for your prompt action.

Stacy Thompson

January 21, 2009


Would you please clarify what you mean by removing links? I have not posted any images. I will remove the articles as promised.

While I do not support Leach's ideas, I do support people being able to see all sides of an issue. On the Links page you'll find many websites that I disagree with but I include them so readers can make their own, informed opinion. I posted Leach's writings because they are no longer available on his/your site and I believed I was helping him/you. So I am curious your motivation for having the content removed. It would be helpful to know your motivation. Thanks.


In the following five days, I removed the full text of all the articles, save one which is too good to ignore. The more important articles I transformed into excerpts and summaries.

Other Sites

Sandra of gendertree.org wrote to me saying Stacy sent an identical message to her because of her essay, Reparative Therapy, which analyzes Jerry's theories and methods. Unlike me, she did not copy any articles and used quotations sparingly. She even had the good will to write to Jerry before printing her essay.  She responded to this on her page, Unreality Resources and has not removed any content nor has Stacy commented.

The same copyright warning was sent to Zagria's biography of Jerry too. Zagria was also not even close to violating any law. She also left the page intact and received no more threats.


January 26, 2009

Hi Stacy

True to my word, I have finished removing the full text of articles originally hosted on realityresources.com. The quotations that remain are covered by Fair Use. I'm happy to dialogue if you have any other concerns.

You have not responded to my request to know why you wish to eliminate Jerry's writings from public view. I also know you eliminated the copy on the Internet Archive this week.  I'm sure you know it is characteristic of Christian virtue to be open and honest, not delegating our words to secret places. As Jesus said,

Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God. (John 3:20-21)

If Jerry's words truly describe what "has been done through God," surely Jerry will wish for everyone to read them. He did that once and I continue in Jerry's original spirit. In the next several days I will write a post explaining why I removed the articles. I would be happy to post your reasons using your own words if you would send them so that people who want to know about Jerry's counseling can be better informed. If you continue without explanation, I can only conclude that you and Jerry are ashamed of what he wrote but lack the Christian humility to admit he was wrong. But I would rather Jerry give his own explanation so we can all know the truth. It's Jerry's choice. If he needs more than a few days to think it over, just say so.

I hope neither you nor him view me as an enemy. I don't. And I hope I am not too naive to believe we can assist each other. I've already referred someone to Jerry through my site for counseling. ([name with-held)  Jerry and I may have different methods, but we share the identical goal: to bring all Christians with transgender feelings into right standing with God and wholeness with their body and gender expression. Indeed, there is a lot of hurt among trans people and the secular trans community cannot bring the health only possible through our Messiah. I truly believe God has worked in Jerry's gender for the better and he does good works for our brothers and sisters. I only hope he allows me the same good works.


What concerns me is why Jerry wanted his articles removed. They are his words, after all, that he published online for years. I hoped this website would expose many of his thoughts as ridiculous and others as plain lies. Apparently he realizes that is true and what to protect his image from further embarrassment. He could have changed his mind on some issues, but if so he should share his new opinions to abolish the falsehoods he spread. Since he has not, I have no choice but to believe he is ashamed of his words. In his own therapy-house, however, he takes advantage of the emotional vulnerability of clients to continue spreading the falsehood of reparative therapy and his own testimony. Christians know the danger of hiding in darkness, but that is exactly what Jerry is doing.

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