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Correspondence: Now Transitioning, Again

posted Feb 27, 2010, 3:54 PM by J Baker-Johnson
August, 2009

Was reading your update on Resource Realities, wow. I first became aware of Jerry in the mid-90's when I first considered transition (I'm an M2F). My wife was in contact with RR and talked to the wife on the phone. I ended up following God's conscience for me at the time and did not transition until the last two years, where I finally overcame my immense guilt over the whole mess. My wife did have materials from RR but ignored them, which is good; it's been horrendously difficult for us (and we don't live together), but she calls me Jennifer and we are very close and still fiercely loyal to each other... thank God RR never got her to do something stupid.

I'm writing because I had a friend I met last fall, a number of years transitioned now, who actually went to Jerry for counseling. She finally left after a number of sessions, since she realized she and Jerry had strong differences of opinion of theology on this issue and thus they would not agree. She gave him some credit for the things he did well but described that it was clear he was still struggling himself with being trans and that he was very stuck in his thinking. (She ended losing a lot from her transition, including a marriage and a large ministry position, but is extremely happy and works as a nurse now and feels fulfilled.)

Anyway... just thought it would be interesting to you. I also have a friend who apparently is really good friends with Michael/Michelle in Florida. She asked for my e-mail two weeks ago in regards to having Michael write to me (he asked for my info), since apparently he had decided to transition BACK to female again finally. Not sure what to think about all that, but that church really messed him up but good. I've been in the church all my life, so I'm actually torn on issues like this (I know how hard it is for binary thinkers to deal with us), but the hubris involved in just messing with someone like this, without realizing the impact, just boggles me.

Thanks for your site, I enjoyed what I read tonight. :)


I just wrote you last night, but now -- heh -- I'm going to solve a mystery for you, my friend... (do you love me yet?)

From your ex-trans page:
"Sarah - Attempting to locate."       

Um... that's >>me<<... Jen____________
(And now you know the rest of the story... or at least the gist of it.)

I'll tell you whatever else you're interested in knowing.

I no longer have the pwd for my site, but I've been downloading the info recently since GeoCities (I have heard) is closing in October.