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Correspondence: Leach Legacy

posted Jun 11, 2009, 7:43 AM by J Baker-Johnson   [ updated Jun 14, 2009, 9:19 AM ]

In April/June 2009, Reality Resources officially closed its doors to clients. Unfortunately, all of Jerry's deceptions didn't die off with RR. They were adopted by Help4Families which was born out of Jerry's ideas and (often made-up) experience and now carry on those ideas, including selling his booklets.

June 6, 2009

Hi Denise

I have been following Jerry Leach and listening closely to what he has to say. After much work and communicating with others, I found he was spreading a number of important pieces of information that are untrue. The most egregious being
  • Claiming to have a phD
  • Denying that he cut off his genitals
  • Pretending he met pre-ops who convinced him not to have SRS
  • Saying God heals all trans people but that God did not heal him
  • Claiming specific people who have regretted transitioning (eg Renee Richards)
I exposed these things on my website, transchristians.org, fact checked with Jerry himself. He neither confirmed nor denied those deceptions and, when I tried to clarify, he stop responding. It is utterly clear to me he has embellished his personal story to make transgender people appear wretched and rueful, that the trans issue is simply black and white, and that he has more knowledge and experience than he does.

All those lies belong to Jerry. They are his and his alone. But they and more are included in Flight toward Woman which you are now distributing. And now that you have an opportunity to learn the accuracy of it, it becomes your responsibility as well. We are both Christians and siblings of Jesus who called identified as Truth itself. I hope you willy aptly commit to spreading light and truth either by correcting his deceptions or to stop using him as a role model altogether. If you do, I will be glad to point out on my website that you did so.

Also, I have raised a couple objections, not much, to other things you have put on your website. See transchristians.org/organizations/help4families I hope you'll also check them for errors or mis-understandings. If I am mistaken about anything, I am more than happy for the constructive criticism.

God be with you


Denise has not responded. However, her homepage has stopped displaying "Welcome, Reality Resources visitors" prominently and "Reality Resources" at the bottom of every page. For the false information spread in Jerry's materials, see Jerry's Errors and Lies.