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Correspondence: Follow Your Conscience

posted Feb 27, 2010, 3:11 PM by J Baker-Johnson
February, 2010

Hello My name is ___________ and i really need help with this issue of being some who thinks my body is wrong. I am a mtf. My problem i that I am goin to have srs to complete my transition an feel like i am going to go to hell for thiking i am a woman trape din a mans body. Please help me out. I have people who are christians who are either for it or against it. My phone number is ###-###-####. Please call or email. I am in a difficult situation. thanks for listening.


Thanks for writing. Already that shows you're willing to think and look for answers. 

As you probably know from my site, I strongly believe that our gender and transition are morally neutral - they aren't necessarily good or bad. God isn't upset whether you transitions and certainly won't condemn you to hell for it.

Even more strongly than that, I also believe that no one goes to hell who truly and earnestly repents of their sin. No one. If you do have SRS or do something that truly is wrong, no matter how terrible, you will receive forgiveness if you seek it.  Of course you already know that. Neither does God condemn people for believing the wrong things.When God judges me one day, God will not condemn me for interpreting the Bible wrong, for believing the wrong things, for praying the wrong words. God certainly won't damn you for believing anything about your gender.

There is one thing God truly finds reprehensible. That is to sin, to know you're sinning, to continue sinning, and to never be sorry. That's what I'm afraid of for you. It's pretty simple: Obey your conscience. If your conscience is telling you not to transition, don't do it. For a number of reasons:
  1. It's biblical. 1 Tim 3.9, 1 Tim 1 5, 1 Cor 8
  2. Your conscience is a good predictor of making bad decisions. It's not perfect, but it's right most of the time providing you're listening to it.
  3. Going against your conscience will make you unhappy. I've looked into many trans people who transitioned even though their heart told them not to. They always regretted it and ended up alone, confused, and wasted much of their money and life.
Lots of people write to me asking for advice on whether to transition. I never answer because that's something only they can decide. But I will give you an answer because you've already told me what's right for you: Don't do it. Don't transition any more than you have so far. Don't get SRS. Don't do anything that doesn't feel right to you. Sorry to be cliche, but follow your heart.

But! Don't stop there. I think your conscience is wrong. You should still listen to it though. I've never heard anyone, in any situation, regret following their conscience. You should definitely read 1 Cor 8 for Paul's wise words about this very subject and I'm basically repeating him. Your conscience can make mistakes; it's you, not God. Because it is you, your conscience can learn to make better decisions by research and prayer. As for prayer, that's up to you. As for research, I've tried to do a lot of that for you on my website. Hopefully under transchristians.org/christian-objections you'll find why you feel guilty about transitioning and the answer for it. If not, then what is it? I'm more than happy to talk with you about it. Christ is in the business of transforming minds. I hope that will happen for you.

But there's also a good chance that you're guilty conscience isn't logical, in which case I'm less help for you. Do you feel guilty simply because the Church and our culture has heaped it on you? Maybe even some family and friends? We live in a world that's irrationally fearful of transgender issues and people.  The world doesn't want to feel guilty itself for being afraid, so it tries to make us feel guilty by blaming us for the problem. That blame has nothing to do with us. It's like blaming a rape victim for their own rape.  But because we're a minority, just like women, Jews, gays, and non-whites before us, they take their fear and anger out on us. They try to say it's not natural, even though we both know it's the most natural feeling in the world. They say the Bible is against it, even though they cannot give a single verse of support.

I do hope you'll take your own feelings seriously. And I hope to hear more about your life and thoughts.