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Keeping TransChristians.org Alive

Whatever happens to me personally, I want to be sure the information I've created and accumulated stays available for the edification of everyone. This page will help that happen.

TC.org is Free as in Freedom

Everything I write is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.  This is different from normal copyright: Instead of prohibiting anyone copying my writing, I allow and encourage it. I did this in order that anyone else can take my work and continue it. Should I ever stop contributing here and you want to ensure the word keeps getting out, you can simply and copy and paste everything from here to another website, personal computer, book, or whatever medium you like. That's not all! You can also add to and change it. If you think I'm missing something, you can insert you ideas. If you disagree with me on an issue, you can replace my words with your own. And all this with bothering with cumbersome quotation marks. You can claim my work as your own. And you can do all this without asking for permission because I've given it already. 

There are two limitations.
  1. You must give me credit as a contributor somewhere in your distribution. Namely, including my name and website. Something like "This document includes writings by Johannah Baker-Johnson published at transchristians.org."
  2. You must also publish under the same Creative Commons license or similar. 
If you want to sidestep these limitations, contact me and I may waive them.

That does not include works of other people that I re-publish. They're under normal copyright (unless stated otherwise).

The Ark

TC.org is built and hosted on Google Sites and anyone can duplicate this site easily and without cost:
  1. Create a new site on Google Sites
  2. Download Google Sites Liberation software
  3. Upload a backup using Liberation software to your own site.

Take Over

This section has been removed by christine at theyknownot.org.  I took over the site and am making sure Johannah's work remains as it was left.  I never had the honor to know Johannah and having looked at her work, I do not intend to make changes to it or I will split it into new and old sites leaving the old site completely intact.  I'm not aware of others that may be interested in working on this site.  If you have tried to contact Johannah, it is my belief that her email is no longer being read as she has passed.  Instead, contact me.  If we have a group of people willing to pick up this torch, we can discuss.  

If you are a member of Johannah's immediate or extended family, please contact me.

Christine Spencer